Basis of bioenergy treatment

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To understand how the polaris 7 Revolution works, it is important to know that each (ordered) neuron emits an electromagnetic field during operation that activates photon flow. This orderly flow is the basic of bioenergetic treatments.
The given wavelength of light triggers the DNA functions, which map the electromagnetic characteristics on a material, biochemical level during protein synthesis and the functions start at the molecular level of enzymes, neuropeptides and hormones.
Depending on the color of the biophoton, i.e. its wavelength and other characteristics, what kind of DNA activity is triggered. During the operation of DNA, it stores and releases biophotons, with which it creates additional functions and feedback in the body. These biochemical processes themselves also create electromagnetic fields, i.e. biophotons, which also amplify the magnetic fields that initiate the original process through biofeedback.