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We had 37.2 trillion reasons to develop polaris7 special light therapy technology. In our accelerated and stressed world, we are constantly faced with things that lead to a weakened energetic and therefore weakened physical state. The diseases of civilization in the world today (cardiovascular system, cancer, etc.) can be caused not only by malnutrition but also by a body that is constantly deficient in energy. The aim of the development is to improve and maintain the energy state and to prevent the development of the condition leading to the disease through prevention. At the same time, to ensure a much more meaningful and healthier, happier life.

Project timeline

We have a vibrant past and a well-thought-out plan to build a bright future
Implementation of the polaris7 lamp system has begun
polaris7 has been marketed
Distribution of Polaris7 has started, production capacity has been given
Bioresonance diagnostics
Bioresonance diagnostics made it possible to diagnose the energy state in advance
Complex service
In addition to the polaris7 system, diagnostics and service background are available as a complex service
Future is Now
Further developments with Polaris7 system, diagnostics integrated in lamp system, availability from a smart device

polaris7 lamp system