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As our energetic state is as our physical state. Prolonged poor energy status leads to disease. You have 37.2 trillion reasons to pay attention to your health.

What does polaris7 do?

It uses programmed light to transmit energy that charges the cells

How does polaris7 do?

The polaris7 system transmits light through pre-tachyonized luminaire

How to use polaris7?

Lie under the polaris7 lightning system and enjoy the charge

Know about polaris 7

What does energized light transmitted through the body do?

the result

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Stress relief

The stress index decreases drastically in the body after use. Calmness remain lasting. The daily load is not felt.

Energetic everyday

Fatigue is a thing to the past. Due to the recharging, there will be balance and happiness in everyday life

Perfect health

When the energy body isn’t distorted and energy can flow through the meridians, the physical body is also healthy.

Take control of your health


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Cells also function as energy accumulators, so it is important that they are in a proper energy state. High cell voltage is equal to health.


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Energy balance results in mental health. When we are mentally fresh and balanced we are more successful and happier.


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When our energy level is high, the energetic state of the cells is optimal then the physical body, our organs are working perfectly.


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Bioresonance diagnostics perform a detailed biological and energetic survey of heart rate signals. Provides accurate feedback on our status.

time spent

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Requires minimal time. It takes 30-60 minutes once a week, biweekly or monthly. The time of treatment depends on your conditions.


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polaris7 is a revolutionary advancement in prevention and medicine. There is no disease in the case of energy balance.

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polaris7 light therapy is a quantum-based technology. The point is that the light is transmitted through a special polarized film before being programmed by crystals. The light is thus energized which charges the cells into the physical body. Cells are batteries.

Frequency of use is individual. Provides lasting results. Until a constant energized state is established, once a week is recommended, then once a month.

It depends on the result of the person’s pre-measured bioresonance diagnosis. The length of treatment is 30,45 or 60 minutes.

We provide tutorial video and descrpition and answer any questions you may have.

No maintenance required. Simple operation was an important consideration in the creation of the technology.

We can deliver worldwide.

A technology that changes your state

We have created polaris7 technology so that you can use it in the longest comfort even in your home. It can be stored in a small place, easy to install and requires no maintenance. After a few gestures and pressing a few buttons you can use it. We’ve brought your health to your home.

polaris7 luminaire
Energizing light
The lamps in the luminaire undergo special energizing treatments. The lenses are provided with polarized films but are previously tachyonized. The emitted light passing through the luminaires thus transmits the programmed energy to the cells.
Tachyonized lenses
In different colors
The lenses through which the programmed light passes are of different colors. The colors are the same as the 7 chakras, making it more efficient for light to enter the energy centers. The glass covering the lens is equipped with a special laser engraving that amplifies the effect of light.
Automatic operation
Polaris7 treatments can be timed, after selecting the appropriate time, the device will start automatically. It starts and stops after the treatment time.

good to know

Bioenergy treatment

It emits an electromagnetic field during the operation of each neuron, which activates photon flow. This orderly flow is the basis of bioenergetic treatments.

About Biophotons

A prerequisite for health is that biophotons form an electromagnetic field with adequate coherence within the cell and throughout the cell association.

Biophoton experiences

Every cell in the human body emits light that can help other energy-deficient cells. Biophotons have been shown to initiate all biochemical reactions in cells.