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Every cell in the human body emits light that can help other energy-deficient cells. There are continuous chemical reactions in human blood. In living tissue, all molecules are in a dynamic state, which results from cellular respiration.
The blood of a healthy person has good light, while the blood of a patient has a different flow, long-lived blood also emits a different flow.
If two blood samples are placed next to each other separated by a glass plate and one is infected with microbes, the fuxes released from the healthy blood will energize the adjacent patient sample.
Biophotons have been shown to initiate all biochemical reactions in cells. A chemical reaction only occurs when the radiating field has at least one photon of adequate energy.
Vojekov’s inspection with modern equipment also confirmed an experiment 70 years ago by Marc Luigi Ighina of Marchoni in Italy. He found that a healthy body emits specific vibrations with which, approaching another person, the light fields emitted by the atoms surrounded the magnetic field of the person next to him.
The colors of biophotons can also be interpreted at the fine energy levels the colors of the chakras. When the function of chakra is pure, it means a coherent, pure field of biophotons, that is, a pure field of information for the functioning of the body. When the chakra is not functioning properly, so its biophoton release is not uniform, black and gray patterns enter its field, which causes negative bodily functions.