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The chronic stress caused by our way of life, the environmental effects, our overstretched lifestyle activate our hereditary traits in DNA. If it is accompanied by a persistent weakened energy state and the resulting reduced immune system, the disease develops. The symptom, the illness is nothing more than warming about our upset energy state and how to change the way we live so far.
What happens when the polarized light emitted by polaris7 passes through the body?
When the light emitted by polaris7 system penetrates the physical body, it penetrates the cell level and charges the cells with energy. There is a bioenergetic field, electromagnetic field around our physical body. These invisible energy are not constant but constantly changing. Change is influenced by mental, physical and environmental influences and impulses. Also a person’s thoughts, mental state and the magnetic fields around her/him or the excessive radiation effects caused by electrosmog. Basically, we can say that man in today’s world is constantly under harmful influences. Here, the energy fields are distorted and disrupted. Because the energy fields around our bodies have the greatest impact on the physical processes of our physical body, when these energy fields are injured they have a detrimental effect on our body. Diseases appear in the organs where the energy fields are injured.
The polaris7 lampsystem transmits bioeffective, programmed, tachyonized and energized light throughout the body that corrects in the injured energy fields and replenishes cells with energy. Striving to maintain this condition on an ongoing basis is a straight way to perfect physical health and improved quality of life, prolonging life expectancy.